How Julia’s Floral Does Business

1). Julia Miller is involved in this business because of a passion for her art, and commitment to serving her clients to the best of her human ability.  Her main goal is to make each bride/groom a delighted customer who would gladly tell all their friends about her. She means to do this by providing gorgeous flowers at a reasonable price in a timely manner, with responsive communication and kind-hearted service.

2). Julia is an old-school, smile-and-a-handshake (and even a hug) kind of wedding vendor. In taking on a wedding, she is saying that she cares enough to do the best she can for that client.

The nature of this ideal includes the realistic understanding that humans cannot control every aspect or outcome, but they can be engaged in the process, do the best they can, and communicate if something is not going according to the best laid plans, and adjustments may need to be made. So Julia requests that the client be willing to communicate clearly, in order to proceed with optimism about the wedding flower plans. In addition, the client should have some realism and flexibility that sometimes things may need to be tweaked in order to respect the vision of the wedding, in the event that some flowers/supplies may need to be substituted due to quality, cost or sourcing issues.

3). In 26+ years of her doing this business as Julia’s Floral, Julia has a phenomenal success record of taking care of her clients by delivering on her promises, and creating beautiful flowers for their weddings. Because of this high level of commitment, she asks her clients for mutual respect, in making sure she has the information, funds and resources to do the requested work.

4). Some additional things to realize:

a). Fridays are typically “wedding design days” and Julia is often crazy-busy creating beauty for another wedding. Please consider contacting her on Mondays through Thursdays.

b). Flowers can be expensive. The wedding blogs usually feature images of premium florals, which creates demand, and simultaneous unrealistic expectations of cost. Custom commissioned art is not cheap. Labor is not free. Knowing all of this, Julia and her clients will try to come to that place where the client is satisfied with the price, and Julia is satisfied with the amount of work she must do to earn it.

c). Julia has a lot of experience, which has taught her certain no-no’s over the years. If she gives advice about how to care for wedding flowers so that they look best for pictures, and last through the day, please heed her advice. For example:

“Your flowers are already dead ( since they have been cut off the vine!) — they just don’t know it yet. Your job is to trick them into thinking they’re still alive.”

It is important for clients to protect the flowers from extreme heat, direct sun, and chilly temperatures, which can cause flowers to expire early. Water is important for the flowers to have, too. To avoid unnecessary damage, it is also important to prevent bridal and bridesmaid bouquets from being thrown in the air, jumped with, or laid on hot pavement during photography sessions.

Essentially, once the flowers are out of Julia’s hands, and into yours, you need to baby them, because her job is done.

In Conclusion:

Julia knows, that to each client, their wedding will be “the most important event to take place in the history of humanity!” Yet, amazing and true, ALL of Julia’s clients seem to feel the same way. Due to the added emotional stress of this type of career, she requests her clients be realistic, and not like a “bride-or-groomzilla.”

If a client seems to be going in that direction, Julia and the client may have a talk about reality and expectations. At the end of that conversation, Julia and the client will both have more information, and greater understanding. Both are necessary for a successful wedding day.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.